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FST Logistics Announces Executive Leadership Changes 

FST is pleased to announce the promotion of Zak Hancock to Chief Operating Officer (COO) and Brad Wright to the role of President.

At FST, we pride ourselves on the continued growth of our company. The promotion of these employee-owners is a direct correlation to their contribution to the success over the past few years. Chairman and CEO Matt Hartman shares his feelings on these leadership changes.

“Brad and Zak have been instrumental in the success of FST Logistics over the past several years. We have seen nearly 100% growth since 2020, so this means a lot of changes have taken place in the business. Brad has led the efforts on business development, and Zak has ensured our operations have remained very efficient, delivering high levels of service to all our current and new customers. In their new roles, they will both be expected to continue to manage the growth of our central Ohio business as we look to grow nationally through acquisitions.”

Learn more about our Executives. 

Zak Hancock, COO

Zak Hancock joined FST in 2019 as the Vice President of Warehousing. With an extensive background in the logistics industry,spanning his entire career, he quickly emerged as an invaluable asset to the organization.

In his role as the VP of Warehousing, Hancock assumed responsibility for the oversight of all FST Warehousing operations. His strategic mind and commitment to success played a vital role in the company’s remarkable turnaround in 2019. A period when FST faced significant challenges. This accomplishment alone serves as a testament to his worthiness for this promotion.

In his new position as COO, Zak will oversee multiple departments, ensuring all internal operations and integrations work efficiently. Hancock’s commitment to positively influencing all employee-owners will be a crucial driver of his success in this role. His extensive knowledge and industry expertise will serve as an instrumental resource, pushing our organization toward continued growth and excellence.

Brad Wright, President

Brad Wright has been a huge asset to FST Logistics for nearly 11 years, with immense knowledge in the logistics space. He has quickly risen through the company ranks, with his most recent role being the Chief Revenue Officer (CRO).

Previously, as the CRO, Wright demonstrated exceptional leadership and contributed significantly to FST Logistics’ growth and success. His dedication to both delivering outstanding service to our customers and combined with his strategic vision and industry expertise, made him an ideal candidate for this promotion.

As President, Brad will play a pivotal role in guiding the company’s strategic direction. Additonally, he will continue to foster partnerships and overseeing day-to-day operations of all new business opportunities. His strong leadership, industry knowledge, and commitment to excellence will continue to drive FST’s growth and position as an industry leader.

FST Logistics congratulates Zak Hancock and Brad Wright on these well-deserved promotions. We look forward to the continued success they both will bring to the company.  

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