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Amazon 3PL Fulfillment Company

Reliable E-commerce and Delivery Solutions

Meet Amazon’s strict packing and shipping standards by working with FST. As a full-service and trusted Amazon 3PL, we can simplify your storage and order fulfillment from beginning to end. Whether you’re leveraging an FBA or FBM strategy, we can improve efficiencies, better manage costs and help you scale.

FST’s retail and temp-controlled experience has taught us how to get products where they need to be, fast and fresh. With FST as your Amazon fulfillment company, you can rely on our 99%+ on-time delivery rate and 1-day shipping capabilities.

FST’s Amazon Fulfillment Capabilities

  • Less-than-truckload (LTL) shipping
  • Discounted shipping rates
  • 1-day shipping
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Performance reporting
  • Meltable product protection
  • E-commerce shipping
  • Flexible, temp-controlled storage
  • Inventory management
  • Seamless integration with Amazon
  • Real-time order tracking
  • Returns management
  • Pick and pack

What is Amazon FBA shipping?

Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) is when e-commerce sellers outsource storage and shipping to Amazon. Sellers send their products to Amazon fulfillment centers where Amazon employees pick, pack and ship orders. Services also include processing returns and providing customer service.

What is Amazon FBM shipping?

Fulfilled by Merchant (FBM) is when e-commerce sellers store, pack, label and ship products independently. This includes both seller fulfillment and 3PL fulfillment services.

How can an Amazon Fulfillment Company improve FBA and FBM shipping?

An experienced Amazon 3PL partner can help merchants meet Amazon’s demands and deliver a positive customer experience, all while cutting logistics costs.

For FBA sellers, that includes reliable inventory management, on-time deliveries to Amazon warehouses and proper shipment labeling. And fFor FBM sellers, an Amazon fulfillment company may also offer flexible storage, streamlined order fulfillment and custom solutions.

FST's Amazon 3PL Services-FBM

Maintain control over the e-commerce shipping process by working with FST. As an Amazon fulfillment company, we have the flexibility, integration experience and internal processes needed to support your FBM strategy and help you scale.

Automation solutions

Our automated Amazon 3PL fulfillment services and labeling solutions help to improve order turnaround and delivery times.

Powerful InSight software

See your real-time Amazon fulfillment order status, optimize inventory across multiple fulfillment sources and easily integrate with all e-commerce platforms with FST’s InSight software.

Dedicated account support

Our employee-owners are invested in your success. We’re here to optimize your supply chain and coach you through working with an Amazon 3PL fulfillment partner.

Flexibility for storage and fulfillment

As your order volumes grow, FST can flex to accommodate your storage and Amazon fulfillment needs, no matter the size of your CPG business.

Value-added services

Partnering with FST as your Amazon 3PL, provides you access to a wide range of value-added services at your fingertips. Capabilities include kitting, nesting, repacking, and display builds.

Amazon fulfillment company discounted rates

As a single-source 3PL experienced with Amazon shipping, we can provide access to discounted rates through our owned assets and volume negotiations with parcel and trucking partners.

Single-source provider

We make it easy to manage omnichannel fulfillment. With warehousing, transportation, and fulfillment solutions, FST can simplify your supply chain.

Amazon Fulfillment FAQs

Amazon 3PLs take care of inventory management, labeling and other order processing, while ensuring Amazon standards are met.

To learn more on the specifics behind Amazon shipping standards, Connect with an expert here.

Our business integrates with Amazon to produce compliant SSCC labels and send ASNs as required. We can work with customers and Shopify to ship FBM year-round. FST manages shipping to Amazon to ensure that shipments are never delayed and always shipped on time.

Big or small, FST can handle your Amazon shipping needs. We are familiar with creating variety packs and ensuring labeling is compliant with standards.

FST’s third-party capabilities allow us to not only handle your day-to-day shipping needs but also meet Amazon’s strict requirements. Our experience and partnership with Amazon allows our customers to feel at ease knowing FST will get it done, on time and in full.

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