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Temperature-Controlled Warehouse and Dry Storage Services

FST has a home for your product in our 1.4 million square feet of dry and temperature-controlled warehouse space. Long or short-term, we can solve your storage needs with best-in-class inventory accuracy. 

Our food-grade warehouse services can simplify the receiving, storage and distribution for orders of all sizes. With all systems built with scalability in mind, FST can assist your brand in achieving its goals, from the start.

Advantages of FST’s Dry and Temperature-Controlled Warehouse Services

Dry, temp-controlled, refrigerated or frozen, our employee-owners are dedicated to safeguarding your product. We maintain exceptional levels of service no matter the situation. This means your product will always go out the door exactly as you intended – undamaged, on time and in full.

Warehouse Page-Map 5 Locations

FST’s food grade warehouse services include:

  • Cross-docking capabilities
  • Organic certified facilities 
  • Regular FDA and Ohio Department of Agriculture audits
  • All facilities AIB- and CGS-certified
  • Automated temperature monitoring with InSight technology
  • Ability to combine storage and final delivery services
  • Value-Added Services
  • Precise temperature and humidity controls
  • Easily flex to manage volume and space fluctuations
  • Exceptional levels of service
  • Single-source logistics solution provider

See how Jordan’s Skinny Mixes worked with FST to build new warehousing and fulfillment solutions, scaling order quantities by 5x in just 2-months.

Strategic Dry & Temperature-Controlled Warehouse Locations in Columbus Ohio

  • More access to the U.S. market than any other major metro area—over half the U.S. population can be reached in one day
  • A diverse and growing talent base that can operate, manage, and innovate a company’s supply chain 
  • Consistently ranked by major publications as one of the top places for companies to do business

Dry & Temperature-Controlled Warehousing Technologies

Each of our temperature-controlled warehouses have a continuous environmental monitoring system with sensors placed strategically throughout the warehouse. With the capability to send instant notifications via SMS, email, and phone calls to key personnel, our team ensures our warehouses maintain their specific temperatures to protect your product.

Our food safety experts are PCQI certified (Preventive Controls Qualified Individual) and follow a Food Safety Plan that is reviewed on a regular basis to keep us compliant with the latest FDA regulations.

Warehouse Inventory and Performance Transparency

FST’s in-house technology team exists to speed up warehouse management solutions. Our experts are ready to go and promise clear communication without delays. We can seamlessly connect your ERP systems with our custom-built portal, InSight, so you can access vital supply chain information. See detailed inventory data, know exact product counts and access real-time order status updates.

  • Warehouse Management Solutions
  • Transportation Management Solutions
  • Customized reporting
  • EDI/API capable
  • Easy access to PODs, lumper receipts, and invoices
  • Real-time order tracking


Inventory Accuracy

FST Logistics' Warehouse Locations

Grove City One

3357 Southpark Place Grove City, Ohio 43123

Dry warehousing | 400,000 square feet

Grove City Two

3280 Southpark Place Grove City, Ohio 43123

65-72 degrees warehousing | 260,000 square feet

Grove City Three

3495 Gantz Road Grove City, Ohio 43123

Dry warehousing | 187,000 square feet


1727 Georgesville Road Columbus, Ohio 43228

Dry & 65 degrees warehousing | 130,000 square feet


5400 Renner Road Columbus, Ohio 43228

Dry & 65-72, 35-45, 5-10 degrees | 226,800 square feet

FST Logistics' Warehousing FAQs

FST’s food-grade warehouses offer both ambient and temperature-controlled storage. Whether your product has a 65-degree requirement or can live in ambient storage, we have the space.

FST’s assets have temperature-controlled capabilities and deliver to major retailers across the continental United States.

FST’s food-grade warehouses have temperature capabilities from 5 degrees to ambient.

Temperature-controlled warehouses operate at a specific temperature while climate-controlled warehouses maintain an operational temperature and humidity levels.

Placed strategically throughout the warehouse, our food-grade warehouses utilize cooling, heating, and other climate-controlled units such as humidifiers and dehumidifiers. Each unit is run with an energy-efficient sensor to ensure the temperature is where it needs to be, at all times.

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