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Chris Smith and Brian Asher Promoted to Executive Leadership

FST Logistics has promoted Chris Smith to Executive VP of Warehouse Operations and Brian Asher to Executive VP of Brokerage. Smith and Asher’s promotion places them both on the Executive Leadership Team (ELT) at FST Logistics. The ELT is charged with creating, managing, and overseeing the overall strategy of FST Logistics.

Matt Hartman, CEO of FST Logistics, shares his insight – “Chris Smith has been instrumental in leading the day-to-day operations of FST’s warehouse operations, and his knowledge of the warehousing industry will be crucial for the company’s growth. Along with him, Brian Asher has a long-standing career in the freight brokerage industry, and his involvement in our long-term strategy discussion will be instrumental to our leadership team.”

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Chris Smith enters his new role as an industry veteran in managing warehouse operations. His career spans over 40 years, where he most recently served as the VP of Warehouse Operations. In this position, Smith was responsible for overseeing the operations of our Grove City warehouses.

“Chris brings a level of experience to the ELT that is unmatched at FST. I am very much looking forward to Chris’s unique perspective on topics about to not only the operational profitability of the business but the direction we are headed in the future”, says Zak Hancock, COO of FST Logistics. “The benefit of having somebody with his experience and wisdom in a group discussion can’t be overstated.”  

Brian Asher is one of our newer employees at FST Logistics. Starting in March of 2023, he came into FST with a vast knowledge of the brokerage side of our industry, with over 13 years of experience. Coming to FST, he was VP of Brokerage Services, managing and overseeing all Freight Brokerage functions.

“Brian has brought tremendous experience and leadership to our freight brokerage and overall business since joining FST,” says Brad Wright, CRO of FST Logistics. “During his first 90 days, he has made a very positive impact on the division. We are ambitions to grow our freight brokerage in the coming years.”

FST Logistics is lucky to have exceptional leaders, and the additions of Chris and Brian to the ELT will continue to propel the company’s strategy forward.

To learn more about FST, please go to fstlogistics.com.

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