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  • Refrigerated, air-conditioned, or dry products
  • Unique Point 2 Point Consolidation Network
  • Nationwide Delivery Footprint
  • Freight consolidation program combining LTL orders from multiple customers to create a single, lower-cost truckload delivery

Dedicated Fleet

  • Asset-based fleet
  • Midwest Regional Transportation Solution
  • Optimization of routes, schedules, and vehicle configurations to handle varying shipment volumes
  • Full Truckload
  • Drop and Hook service
  • Timely deliveries to enhance overall operations effectiveness
  • Dry and Temperature-Controlled, Multimodal Transportation
  • Access retail-qualified carriers and ensure consistent on-shelf availability
  • Network of 10,000+ drivers
  • National network of regional providers
  • Vetted carriers for safety and reliability
  • Best-in-class communication and service
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