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FST Logistics Named 2023 Green Supply Chain Partner

Inbound Logistics has named the top 75 leading green supply chain management and logistics partners of 2023. FST is honored to be among the top 75 green providers in the country.


At FST Logistics, we believe in not only providing the best service we can for our customers but doing it in the most efficient and sustainable way possible. Over the years, we have reduced our carbon footprint by making FST a greener operation. A few of our green efforts and local initiatives are:

  • On-site compressed natural gas (CNG) station supports part of our regional fleet that runs on CNG verse diesel fuel
  • Office and warehouse recycling programs
  • Motion sensor warehouse lighting
  • Quick charge systems for forklifts
  • Elimination of Styrofoam and plastics for office use
  • Adopt-a-Street
  • Adopt-a-Park
  • EcoFest

We are incredibly honored to be recognized as a Green Supply Chain Partner and will continue to hold ourselves accountable for being one of the top green logistics providers in the country.


FST Logistics is a third party logistics company based in Columbus Ohio, specializing in food and beverage.

Our logistics solutions were built to serve the complex shipping and storage needs of today’s grocery and retail brands. We’ll get your product on the shelf or in the mailbox safely and on time.

Temperature-controlled shipping is just the start. We’re a full-service partner that’s passionate about helping you succeed. Our end-to-end solutions insulate you from market fluctuations, service failures, and retail compliance fees.

As an employee-owned company, we provide you with higher levels of customer service. Our teams is proactive and vested in your success.

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