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The right temperature-controlled transportation solution for your business.

FST understands an effective 3PL company is critical to the success of your business. With over 30 years of experience in temperature-controlled transportation services, FST has proven to be a strong partner to many in the food and grocery industry.

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One Key Factor

Our location in Columbus, Ohio allows us to deliver to nearly 50% of the US population within one day.

Dimensional-based pricing can be difficult to understand, but we break it down in our white paper.

With dry, refrigerated, or frozen transportation options, we will make sure your shipments arrive safely and on-time, every time. Shipping perishable products is not always easy. Our drivers understand packing space, temperature control, and air flow, are key to ensuring proper handling resulting in a claim ratio of less than 1%.

Truckload Services

  • Dry or temperature-controlled truckload service: local, regional, nationwide, and Canada.
  • Freeze and heat protection
  • Multi-stop truckload and shuttles
  • Non-asset based services (freight brokerage)
  • Managed transportation services
  • Route optimization
  • Yard management
  • Ability to drop trailers
  • Food-grade hazmat/special handling
  • EDI capabilities, and customized reporting options.

With clean, odor-free, food-grade trailers and satellite tracking, our trucks are the right answer. InSight allows you to view the status of your shipment any time, while your Customer Service Representative also keeps you in the loop on your shipments.