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introducing InSight

providing visibility into your supply chain at fst

In today’s environment, it is more important than ever to drive efficiencies and have complete visibility of your supply chain.

FST Logistics’ customer portal, Insight, provides a total solution to help you do just that.

InSight provides our customers with all the clarity they need around their product within the FST supply chain.

This will be your first stop for accessing everything you need to know from current order status to analytics on your book of business with FST. 

InSight is currently available for transportation customers today and will be offered to warehouse customers in 2022.

InSight Capabilities

  • Complete visibility in one location into your business with FST
  • KPI widgets and complete analytics including everything from accessorial charges to inventory total
  • Customizable reports in the format you need when you need it
  • PODs, lumper receipts and invoices at your fingertips

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