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The Importance of Temperature Controlled Warehouse Storage


Providing temperature-controlled warehousing to Columbus, Ohio, for nearly 25 years, FST Logistics knows how important it is for your products to be stored at the correct temperatures. Pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and perishable foods, for example, are all sensitive to storage conditions, and a fluctuation of only a few degrees can result in damaged goods.

What is climate-controlled storage?

Climate-controlled storage keeps products in a consistent environment regarding temperature and humidity level.

Do I need climate controlled warehousing?

While temperature-controlled storage manages the temperature, climate-controlled storage also regulates the humidity. If your products are susceptible to moisture, then climate control is the better option to keep your inventory safe.

How do you regulate the temperature in a large warehouse?

Regulating precise warehouse temperatures 24/7 is way too much for any human to manage alone. Since temperatures can change at any second, we utilize high-tech microprocessors to monitor the warehouses 24/7, as they react instantly to any variations to maintain consistency. And if the temperature should ever shift, we are notified ASAP via an alarm system.

What if the power goes out?

Back-up generators ensure that even if the power goes out, your products are safe.

Other ways to regulate warehouse temperatures include:

Sealing strips:

Attaching sealing strips around door openings helps keep bad air out and good air in.


Insulation maintains temperature consistency inside no matter what it’s like outside.

Humidifiers and dehumidifiers:

They control the moisture levels so it’s never too humid or too dry.

What products need to be stored in a climate-controlled warehouse?

If you’ve had products damaged in the past you know how important climate-controlled storage is, particularly for products that are sensitive to temperature fluctuations and humidity.


Pharmaceutical manufacturers face challenges during both the storage and distribution of their temperature sensitive products. With a local storage and logistics partner, you’ll get access to our experience and knowledge of the market so we can offer cost-effective solutions.


Since more and more people are demanding that food manufacturers reduce the number of additives in our food, temperature control plays an even bigger role in preventing food spoilage. Our multi-temperature facilities meet the most stringent requirements for handling a broad range of frozen and fresh products to ensure regulatory compliance.


Since metal expands and contracts in varying temperatures, and humidity can create condensation that results in mold, electronics need to be stored in a dry, consistent warehouse climate to avoid potential damage to the components.

Benefits of using a local logistics company.

When outsourcing your warehouse and distribution needs it’s imperative to have a reliable logistics partner. Not only can we store your products safely, we can also ship them in climate-controlled trucks. Even if your products require freezer storage, we provide local, regional and national delivery services that keep your products at the correct temperatures while in our care.

In fact, our vigilance for the safety and security of your inventory is proven by a claim ratio of less than 1%. Plus, our convenient locations allow us to transport products to any location in the U.S., usually within one day.

Warehouse storage that meets healthcare regulations.

Unexpected loss of product can be detrimental to your company. Keep your warehousing predictable with temperature-controlled storage from FST Logistics. We offer the storage space that customers in the highly regulated healthcare and pharmaceuticals industries need to be competitive and meet requirements.

FST Logistics has temperature-controlled warehousing storage in Columbus, Ohio, for dry, refrigerated and frozen products. If you need climate-controlled storage for perishable products or goods, our food-grade warehouse facility is sanitary, safe and secure. Perfect for short-term and long-term storage.

Contact us to find out more about our warehouse facilities and to get a quote.