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How to be a “One-Stop-Shop” in the Trucking & Transportation World


Here at FST Logistics, we pride ourselves on our ability to be a one-stop-shop for all of our customers’ warehousing and transportation needs. But what exactly does this mean?

What is a One-Stop-Shop Trucking Company?

The reason we define ourselves as a one stop logistics shop for our customers is because we offer a wide range of services that cover everything you may need from transportation to warehousing.

But simply offering this wide set of warehousing and transportation services is not enough; anyone can buy a warehouse or a truck and offer these services.

So what makes us different?

The FST Logistics difference is found in our top-notch customer service skills. We truly are dedicated to a relationship built on trust, reliability, and communication, and this is shown in our tracking tools and numerous metrics that reflect our commitment to this goal.

For example, we have a consistent 99.99% order picking accuracy. This reflects not only our commitment to excellence and reliability, but also our dedication to making sure that your needs are met, your orders are filled, and that you are as satisfied with our service as possible. In addition to this, we offer other features to further ensure the quality of our relationship. For example, we have a real-time warehouse management system. This helps us boost productivity, reduce costs, shorten order fulfillment times, increase customer satisfaction and deliver a rapid return on investment. This is just another tool we have that helps us meet the goal of maximizing your supply chain’s efficiency.

We also put in the work to earn numerous certifications which helped us establish ourselves as an industry leader.

We wear these certifications as badges of honor and testaments to our commitment to excellence and to providing a one stop shop that satisfies all your logistical needs.

We’re Transparent with Our Customers

A major part of being a one-stop-shop is not only the services, but the transparency within them. As our customer, you have the right to be able to check on your shipments and/or inventory levels at any time. We understand this, and so we offer the reporting and communication tools to make this possible. We also offer off-site video monitoring and temperature tracking to ensure that your warehousing needs are met and that your products are safe and secure. Other perks of utilizing our warehousing services include our more than 1.1 million square foot warehouse space and our ability to store items in dry, refrigerated, or frozen conditions.

Our wide array of services makes us a one stop shop for all your warehousing and transportation service needs, and our commitment to your satisfaction with our service sets us apart. We build long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with our clients that are founded on trust, transparency, reliability, and communication. Give us a call today and see what we can do for you.