the FST story

Columbus, Ohio’s total temperature-controlled logistics solution

When we started this trucking and logistics company in 1991, we had high hopes but no idea we’d be where we are today. From 11 employees to 425+ and growing. From one building to six with 1.4 million square feet of space.

From transportation only to full-service warehousing and e-commerce capabilities among the best in the logistics industry. All of these things make us among the best in the logistics industry. And we’re not stopping yet.

A few things set us apart from the rest, and help us keep climbing.


Unlike most similar businesses, we have an ESOP (employee stock ownership plan) that means everyone has an interest in making things better. Employees win, the company wins, and so do clients.


It all points back to our focus on clear communication, so customers are never kept guessing. Sounds simple, but many companies find it hard to execute. And we’re always thinking about ways to exceed expectations. We know details really matter.


We love to give back to the community. We’re always searching for ways to go green, or more green. We’re not just focused on the bottom line, because frankly, sometimes these things cost more in the long run. But we do them because it’s important.

Of course, we do the basics well, too. We move your food and grocery products in temperature-controlled trucks, warehouse them, fulfill e-commerce orders and more—all so you don’t have to think about it. You get to focus on what you do best, and we’ll take it from there.