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Benefits of Outsourcing Warehousing and Logistics for Your Products


It’s imperative that your products reach customers on time. After all, your customers are what keep you in business. In fact, having satisfied customers is the goal of every company (or at least it should be).

Whether you have a small startup or large corporation, you can choose to store and deliver your products using your own employees, warehouse and trucks, or let a warehousing and logistics company handle it for you. So how do you choose? Understanding the benefits of hiring a third-party logistics (3PL) is the first step in deciding.

What is trucking logistics?

Trucking logistics involves planning, implementing, and controlling the delivery of products in the most efficient and effective manner. Transportation companies accomplish by using customer-friendly tracking software, identifying the fastest delivery routes, determining the best trucks for the job, and defining the optimal fuel type.

Why we do we use trucks to ship freight?

Trucking is the main transportation for circulating goods across the U.S. According to a July 2017 article, “70 percent of all freight transported in the U.S. gets transported by truck freight.” With different sizes and styles of trucks available, you can find one that’s right for your products. Dry vans haul non-perishable items, refrigerated trucks transport perishable cargo, and flatbed trucks are perfect for big, bulky freight.

Benefits of transporting freight by trucks includes:

What is warehousing?

Warehousing is more than just storing your products, it’s a major part of the supply chain. The type of warehouse plays an integral role in the safety and storage of your products. For example, if your company makes perishable food products, you need refrigerated or frozen storage. If you make moisture-sensitive electronic components, you need humidity-controlled storage.

How does warehousing play a part in logistics?

Combining transportation with warehouse management makes sense since you need to consider both when scheduling loading times and understanding space constraints. By keeping trucking and storage in constant communication with each other you can address unexpected shipping needs and treat the supply chain as a single entity.

How does warehousing and transportation save you money?

Warehousing allows for the consolidation of different shipments, which means several customers can transport their goods in the same truck and save on shipping costs. Plus, customers can keep a reserve of products in the warehouse for times when they need to ship additional units last minute.

Why should you outsource your warehousing and logistics?

Storing and delivering your products in-house can be time-consuming and expensive. First, you need a building with enough square footage to accommodate your inventory, and in the right environment (temperature, humidity, etc.). Second, you need employees to pack, label, sort, stack, and load the products on trucks when they’re ready for delivery.

Outsourcing your warehousing saves time and money because the warehouse has its own team in charge of your products from the time they arrive until they leave. Plus, the warehouse can store products in the right environment for long shelf life.

Logistics software makes all the difference.

With today’s technology, trucking transportation and warehouse fulfillment providers can securely and reliably exchange information with employees and customers in real-time. The right software allows for better supply chain visibility which adds to the operational efficiency by moving freight from origin to destination reliably and cost effectively.

At the end of the day, keeping your customers happy is the most important aspect of your business. When you find the right company to outsource warehousing and logistics for your products, happy customers are easy to achieve.

FST Logistics is a transportation and warehousing company in Columbus, Ohio, that specializes in local, regional and nationwide trucking transport. With temperature-controlled warehousing and third-party logistics capabilities, we work with a variety of different products. Contact us with questions and to get a quote. Learn more about a truck driving career with FST Logistics.