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About FST Logistics

Our Humble Beginnings

When Columbus, Ohio-based FST Logistics first opened its doors in 1991, it had 11 committed employees and a business model that solely focused on shipping and transportation efforts. Since then, we have grown exponentially. In 1998, we bought our first warehouse and a new era of business was born. FST now employs an average of 250 staff members at any given time and provides the best transportation services and warehousing capabilities in Central Ohio. With a reputation of unsurpassed customer service and a clear knack for communication, FST Logistics looks to continue its growth by employing the best minds and talents the industry has to offer.

“At FST, we believe it’s all about you – our customers. Others may try to claim it, but FST owns it! We work hard to ensure that our people bring communication to warehousing and transportation.” -Art DeCrane, CEO

Our Mission

FST Logistics is a team of friendly and knowledgeable professionals committed to customer service excellence by providing extraordinary communication, exceptional value and a total solution for dry/ temperature-controlled warehousing and transportation.

What We Do Best

While we offer an array of various services, our greatest claim to fame is providing multi-temperature controlled transportation and warehousing with an unprecedented, unmatched emphasis on communication and customer service. Simply put, FST Logistics is the best in the business, whether it be moving your product from A to B securely or executing the highest accuracy in inventory control and order processing.

We make sure we provide the reporting and communication you need so you know where your shipments or inventory levels are at any given time. As your logistics partner, we firmly believe that, when you provide a great deal of transparency, you build trust. And with trust comes insurmountable success.

The FST Features and Certifications

FST recognizes the importance of compliance and professional affiliations in all facets of our operations. To this end, we have invested heavily in earning industry-leading certifications, including the following:

  • AIB Superior rated
  • Food Grade facilities
  • FDA Registered
  • DOT Compliant
  • Worker’s Compensation through the state of Ohio
  • Fully insured Warehousemen’s Legal
  • IWLA member
  • Ohio Trucking Association member
  • SmartWay Transportation Partner
  • Hazardous Materials registered with the FMCSA